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Junky Business is a proud participant in the Kingwood BOPA since 2012!

What is BOPA?

It officially stands for batteries, oil, paint and anti-freeze...  However, we also collect old appliances and scrap metal for recycling.   Perhaps they should call it BOPAAS - but that's another discussion..
Junky Business Located in the Kingwood, TX area. Phone: 832-377-5865
If you have a need to have an appliance, car / truck / motorcycle battery or scrap metal removed after the Kingwood BOPA has taken place - please contact Junky Business at 832-377-5865.  We will come to your home or business and get it out of your way and have it recycled. 
The events take place from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Kingwood METRO Park and Ride located at 3210 W. Lake Houston Parkway.

The following items are accepted:
– Latex Paint (15 gal limit)
– Used Oil (used motor oil & cooking oil – 15 gal limit each)
– Antifreeze (15 gal limit)
– Rechargeable Batteries (include automotive or other vehicle batteries)
– Large Appliances containing freon (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners)
– Scrap Metal (by Junky Business) including Xmas lights. No TVs

The following items are NOT accepted:
– Oil Based Paint
– Household AA, AAA, C and D alkaline batteries
– Household Hazardous Waste/Chemicals
– Tires
– Business Waste, Medical Waste, PCB’s, Dioxins, Ammunition, Explosives, Compressed Gas cylinders, Smoke Detector or Household Trash

*Please note - this information box is taken directly from
Keep Kingwood Greens website. (Opens in a new window)

Here are a few pictures from a previous year - these will be updated after the next BOPA.

If you have any large appliances you need recycled you're more than welcome to bring the tot he event, however, we ask that you call us ahead of the event so we may pick it up before to help ease some of the space restrictions and traffic that BOPA day brings - if you mention you saw it here we won't charge you for picking it up - but please, large items only (refrigerators, grills, smokers and such).
November 16, 2019