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Junky Business Located in Kingwood, TX. Phone: 832-377-5865
If you have a need to have an appliance, car / truck / motorcycle battery or scrap metal removed after the Kingwood BOPA has taken place - please contact Junky Business at 832-377-5865.  We will come to your home or business and get it out of your way and have it recycled. 
Junky Business was proud to participate in Kingwoods BOPA (batteries, oil, paint,  antifreeze, old appliances and scrap metal for recycling.

It took place on October 26, 2013.

We were there accepting old appliance, scrap metal and batteries.

The total collected is as follows:
Pounds Gallons
Anti Freeze 1395 150
Batteries 1037
Cooking Oil 373 50
Latex Paint 13,439 1350
Motor Oil 2325 250
Scrap Metal 2963
Totals 21,532 1,800